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"Setting up security on your home network can be difficult if you don’t have experience or aren’t the most technically minded. With the plug and play aspect of this cybersecurity device, it’s so easy to protect yourself."


(4.8 out of 5 STARS)

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Here's a snapshot of what Pangolin will do.
Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Pangolin runs a vulnerability assessment of your entire network and alerts you to malware and other dangerous breaches.

Passive Network Monitoring

Pangolin inspects the packets of data communicating among devices connected to your network via specific ports, and stops attacks like phishing before they can do damage.

Scans for Abnormal Activity

Abnormal communications are picked up by Pangolin. For example, why would your baby cam be trying to port into your smart fridge?

Auto Block

Pangolin automatically blocks any detected attacks, and gives users a choice about what to do next.

An Affordable Price

Get all of these features at a price that you can afford.

Easy to Use

Simple set up that can be done in minutes, with an easy-to-use app that can be used by anyone.



"Pangolin Successfully and intelligently blocked suspicious traffic on my network. Would I buy one? Absolutely."

Andrea Levinge, Managing Director, White Widget

"When I plugged in Pangolin it automatically locked down my media server from the Internet since it detected malware... Pangolin is truly a must-have for all modern homes!"

Wesley Lim, Owner AVDI (Smart Home & Enterprise Integrator)

"I truly enjoyed watching frustrated hacking attempts going 'SPLAT!'"

Gary Theis, Chief Technology Officer at Wego.com

Active Vulnerability Scanning

Constantly Scans your network and devices to block potential threats before they can harm you.

Passive Network Monitoring

Monitors both internal and external network traffic and helps stop malicious hackers and other cybercriminals.

Parental Controls

Set internet break times and block objectionable content on a per-device basis through our simple parental controls. This will allow you and your family to focus on what matters, like homework or spending time together at home.

Ad Blocker

Pangolin Blocks ads and trackers, ensuring your privacy and convenience when browsing the web.

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How Pangolin Protects You