Our Design Journey

A story about a shell

Once we finalized the board that we were going to use, it came time to decide on a shell design.

We went through a lot of iterations, because we had to answer a key questions, such as:

  1. Will the shell fit our board?
  2. Can the shell easily fit on a desk?
  3. Does it have a nice look and feel to it?

Our designer, CK, had a lot of ideas for what the shell could look like. As you can see from the image below, they were also very different.

Sketches Shell Design.001

Here is an early prototype design.


We then started to move toward the more solid design, with no mesh bottom.

half round

Eventually, CK came up with the final version that we came to love. One that was fully rounded.


Once we settled on the shell, we worked toward figuring out how the cables would fit.


That's how we ended up with the design that will be released to the public, one that satisfied all of our criteria.

It fit the board perfectly, wasn't too large to fit on the same desk as a router, and had a unique feel to it. However, we decided that using solid colors instead of a metallic finish looked much better in the end.





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