Discover Pangolin

Learn more about Pangolin Smart Firewall and how it protects your IoT devices from network threats and malicious actors.

Active Vulnerability Scanning

Consistently scans your network and devices to notify you of potential threats before they can harm you.

Passive Network Monitoring

Monitors network traffic and helps stop hackers and malicious actors.

Evolving Security

Pangolin learns from every attack it encounters – be it through phishing, malware, or other attack vectors. This elevates Pangolin’s ability to protect you.

Parental Controls

Ensure safe internet access for your loved ones and avoid unnecessary dangers.

How does it work?
Download the app
Get the app to access and control your Pangolin
Plug Pangolin to router
Connect your Pangolin device to your network's router
Scan network
Scan network and be alerted of threats and issues
Fix and block threats
Decide on your internet policy or let us handle it for you
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