What is Pangolin?

Pangolin is a plug and play edge security device that detects network intrusions and prevents cybercriminals from stealing information from all devices connected to your local network. 

All you’ve got to do is plug Pangolin into your router, follow our quick setup, and it will start protecting your network right away! You don't even need to be at home when something happens - Pangolin will notify you via our Android and iOS app and allow you to decide how to deal with the problem in real-time.

The project was originally launched on Kickstarter and was successfully funded on November 22, 2019.funded2

Download the app
Download the app
Get the app to access and control your Pangolin
Plug Pangolin to router
Plug Pangolin to router
Connect your Pangolin device to your network's router
Enjoy Protection
Get protected instantly
Start receiving alerts about potential threats right away
Fix and block threats
Manage your network
Manage your devices and bandwidth through the app
Active Vulnerability Scanning

Consistently scans your network and devices to block potential threats before they can harm you.

Active Vulnerability Scanning
Passive Network Monitoring

Monitors both internal and external network traffic and helps stop malicious hackers and other cybercriminals.

Passive Network Monitoring
Evolving Security

Pangolin learns from every attack it encounters – be it through phishing, malware, or other attack vectors. This elevates Pangolin’s ability to protect you.

Evolving Security
Parental Controls

Set internet break times and block objectionable content on a per-device basis through our simple parental controls.

Parental Controls Parental Controls

One Tap Ad Blocking





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