Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pangolin?

Pangolin is a Smart Firewall Device that sits behind your modem or router to protect your home devices. It will help stop malicious hackers from attacking your devices and help you enjoy a great deal of data privacy.

How does Pangolin protect devices in my home?

Pangolin is a hardware firewall for the home that protects your devices by understanding your network traffic. We have implemented enterprise-grade anti-hacking software within Pangolin to scan, prevent, and remediate situations involving malware. We also prevent phishing attacks on you and your family. More smart features are being implemented, we’ll be sharing details in the near future.

How much will Pangolin cost?

We promise that Pangolin will be an affordable home solution for your devices in order to maintain your security and privacy.

When is Pangolin expected to launch?

We are currently planning for a crowdfunding campaign in late 2019 in multiple regions.

Will TeamRed be able to see my data?

Pangolin will not collect and store any data that could potentially compromise user data privacy and security, such as passwords and email content.

Why should I trust Pangolin to maintain my home device security?

We are a group of white-hats, engineers, and researchers with over 35 years of combined experience in red team ops, information security, hardware, and computer science. We got fed up with the expensive solutions available that don’t work as well as advertised, so we decided to utilize our expertise to create an IoT device that we would want to use in our own homes.

Why is Pangolin better than Antivirus software?

Pangolin protects all devices in your home. This includes IoT devices that typically do not have AV software. Furthermore, Pangolin is able to identify and block all current malware communication. This protects your data privacy and prevents identity theft. Also, since Pangolin is a hardware firewall that sits separately from your devices, you do not have to restart any of your devices when Pangolin is updated.

Does Pangolin have parental controls?

Yes, Pangolin will also function as an internet parental control device that can help parents block adult content, monitor internet activity, and set internet break times.

How many colors will there be for the device?

There will be more information on this as Pangolin advances in development.

Is there a limit to the number of devices Pangolin can protect?

No, Pangolin is a hardware firewall for the home that has the ability to protect all the devices in a typical home and small office.

Will Pangolin slow down my network?

Pangolin will only slightly slow down your network on the initial start-up. Users should expect little to almost no slow-downs after the initial installation.

Does Pangolin examine https/ssl/tls traffic?

No it doesn’t. We are committed to data protection and privacy and want your encrypted traffic to remain private.

Doesn’t my router have built in security already?

Most routers found in homes today do not stand a chance against current malware attacks on IoT devices. Routers in the home mostly utilize firewall protection based on packet inspection that was developed in the 1990s. Relying on your router for home network security is a dicey proposition because most home routers are actually a critical point of failure because both companies and users often forget to update the firmware. Additionally, depending on the make and build of your router the range of security measures it offers may vary considerably, and even if that default router provided by your ISP is relatively robust it may require a lot of legwork and network security knowledge on your end before you can come close to securing your home network.

Will Pangolin protect my home network against devices already infected by malware?

Yes. Pangolin will be able to detect malware the moment it communicates via network traffic – securing your home network from threats. Pangolin will immediately block the malware from accessing any form of network traffic, effectively halting its communications online. In severe situations, Pangolin will block all network traffic to the infected device and direct the user on how to troubleshoot the situation.

What’s with the name Pangolin?

The pangolin is an exotic, armored mammal found in Asia as well as parts of Africa that can curl into a nearly impenetrable ball of extremely tough scales when threatened. It is a creature that embodies our passion for providing the best security for our homes and loved ones.

Can Pangolin be hacked?

At TeamRed we live by the philosophy that there is no panacea in network protection. We believe that there is always the possibility for anything to be hacked with enough creativity and/or effort, and this philosophy is what drives us to continuously develop the best possible network security solutions. This is also why we will proactively keep these defenses up-to-date as the network security landscape changes.

What does IoT mean?

IoT stands for the internet of things, or the intelligence of things. They are devices in your home or office like your smart light switches, smart TV, smart appliances, and smart security camera systems. These IoT devices are all connected online in order for you to access and control.

Why are IoT devices susceptible?

Many IoT devices lack basic security protocols. Their always-on connection to your home network also brings about the need for for a security solution that can stop hackers and other malicious actors 24 hours a day.